Richard ‘Capt. Apollo’ Hatch Speaks Out

The people over at Insomniac Mania scored an interview with Richard Hatch, who if you are not familar with has been in such films as Battlestar Galactica, The Ghost and Big Shots. The interview is very in-depth and he discusses several issues, including his classic role as Capt. Apollo. So check it out as it is a very good read.
Here is a snippet from Insomniac Mania interview with Richard Hatch.

Rob: Do you ever feel your role was underestimated, or did you ever feel like leaving the “Battlestar Galactica” series?

Richard: Yeah I felt like leaving the show because initially I got involved in that show because I thought I was going to get the chance to do some good acting, and get some good material to work with, and after the first couple of episodes, I felt like my character was not given very much to do. I felt that they made Starbuck the essential character of the show and I really felt that my character was not getting an equal opportunity to, you know, do things on the show, and I felt that I was frustrated, and not as a star or an egotistical person. I was frustrated because I was very careful when I took that show. I told the producer that I wanted to act, I was looking for something…

Rob: Where you could get an experience in…

Richard: Yeah, where I could really challenge myself to act, and I recognised that this was an ensemble show and that there were many actors on the show. But I just felt after the first couple of episodes that my character became kind of lost, he wasn’t given much to really do that was challenging, but towards the end of the season after a number of meetings, they started to turn that around and I started to get some more challenging material to work with so by the end of the season I was feeling much better.

Rob: What did you feel your character was getting more action?

Richard: Well it wasn’t action; I was looking for a character that would get more thoughts, more stories, to do with character, character stories, where I would get things to do as an actor.

Rob: How did your character open up, do you reckon, I mean did he have a past, did they involve his past more, perhaps a darker one?

Richard: Well you know they developed my relationship with my son, they developed my relationship with the girlfriend and they also started to create opportunities for my character to be put in to circumstances like the one show where I go down this planet, which we think is Earth, and I play a character that everybody thinks is somebody else even though I look like myself. That was actually a forerunner to “Quantum Leap”, because that was written by Donald Dolosario, and it was written with similar concepts, that somebody steps in to a situation and you think you’re you, but the other person sees you as somebody else totally.

Rob: Oh I get ya. So did you bring up some ideas to involve your character more, I mean what was taken on board? I mean in what ways did you influence the series and your character, what kind of changes did you ask for?

Richard: I just wanted situations where my character would have a chance to do more than just same things, I wanted to develop more relationships with my son, and they wanted to get rid of my son. I wanted to have more of a father and son relationship, I wanted more stuff between me and my father, Adanna, I wanted more situations where we could get in to deeper relationship issues with Anne Walker.

Rob: More realistic issues…

Richard: Yeah, I wanted to get in to more…

Rob: You didn’t just want to make sure your character was just a perfect character…

Richard: My character was a little too, you know, yeah I mean I thought my character was very dedicated and very intelligent and very passionate, he was very intense, but you need to show the other side of a character. Every character has two sides and you need to show sometimes the more conflicted side, the more human side, the more vulnerable side, and you need to show more situations where you can get more in to the character as a human being.

Source: Insomniac Mania