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If Dimension F*cks Us Again, I’m Going to Be ‘Livid’

I’m still bitter with rage that the Weinstein Company and Dimension Extreme released an edited down version of the French gorefest Inside on DVD (cut to make Blockbuster happy). Even more shameful is not having a Blu-ray/HD version of the film to put its stunning cinematography on full display.

Well, it’s time to hang your head in disappointment as Dimension scored the rights to Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s Inside followup, Livide (Livid), which I can only assume they’ll hold locked up in their vault for several years before butchering it to shreds (for no apparent reason). I put the challenge to them to prove me wrong.

Livid is a horror fairy tale set on Halloween night, when three youths decide to burglarize an old lady’s desolate house, which turns out to be no ordinary abode.

This seriously bugs me. The only way to make me happy would be to re-release the UNCUT version of Inside alongside it.




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