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Watch the Winning ‘Hellbenders’ Possession Videos!

While director JT Petty completes the editing of Hellbenders, some lucky Bloody Disgusting readers will be basking in the glory of winning one of the coolest promotions to even grace the site!

Three hard working readers will see their short film actually IN Petty’s movie that takes place in modern day New York where a team of holy men (consisting of ministers and priests) battle the forces of evil. Clifton Collins, Clancy Brown and Dan Fogler all star.

Winners will also receive an insanely cool Hellbenders t-shirt (I put it on display below), along with a copy of Petty’s S&Man.

But the glory doesn’t begin when Hellbenders is released, it begins NOW. Inside you’ll find the videos of the trio of winners and runner-ups. Enjoy and give them serious props for their hard work!

JT Petty writes in about each video:

ToppingsofTerror’s “Found Footage of Real Life Possession” had me at doing violence to fingernails. And the whole Christian Bale-in-The-Machinist-skinny-man-as-special effect works for me every time.

TheDolanc’s “Possessed Girl on the Subway” has a lot going for it. First it just warms my heart that there’s a cute goth girl out there willing to hang out with horror nerds. And she completely channeled Isabelle Adjani, with less congee and the added production value of a subway.

Brisep’s “Black Wednesday,” more than any other, felt like an actual movie, while still respecting the constraints of the found footage idea. It got the gore and the violence right, and has a sort of TCM 1974 kind of ambiguity in violence going for it. When I’m two minutes into a movie and wondering whether or not somebody is pantomiming enraged felatio, I automatically think winner.

And I have to give honorable mention to untrademarkedfilms “3 Guys, 1 Possession,” Zombiecave’s “Found Footage – Demonic Possession” and 0LujanProductions0’s “Hidalgo Possession Tape.” All great stuff.” – JT Petty




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