Uwe Boll Talks ‘BloodRayne’ Story and Blood

Dr. Uwe Boll is back with more stories by the campfire as he gives us great details on his forthcoming BloodRayne videogame adaptation. Inside you’ll find details on the story along with his MPAA prediction. Dr. Boll’s ‘BloodRayne’ stars Ben Kingsley, Kristanna Loken, Michelle Rodriguez, Matt Davis and Michael Madsen.
During an interview Monsters and Critics ran with Uwe Boll he was quoted as saying, “We are doing the biggest massacre in the movie right now, so we have five knights in this monastery in Romania right now and a huge battle with like one shot after another where people get killed or cut and half and stuff….for me it was important for me that our movie looked more like Braveheart. Real castles and monasteries, the mountains, etc. The locations make it more realistic and in that atmosphere the brutal fights and a lot of gore, so will be definitely a R rated movie…

Basically BloodRayne is a completely different movie to my previous ones. It is a video game based movie sure, but far more story orientated. I thought it would be good to move the story back and to tell the prequel really. To show how BloodRayne became BloodRayne in the 1700’s. A franchise really, so maybe we can move a hundred years into the future for the next one, then later with the game story with the Nazi’s and all that stuff, we can do it in part two or part three…

I want to do BloodRayne as really bloody period piece. It makes more sense to tell the whole story also where the Brimstone Society origins are and then we can make that jump to the story that plays in the time of the Nazi’s”.

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Source: Monsters and Critics