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Comic-Con Poster For Steve Niles’ ‘Remains’

Premiering this fall is the John Doolan-penned adaptation of Steve Niles’ Remains, which was originally a five-issue comic series IDW put out back in 2004 (I think I have the trade paperback floating around here somewhere…).

The flick, which will air on Chiller, was directed by Colin Theys and tells the story of a blackjack dealer and exotic dancer who survive a nuclear accident that turns everyone else into zombies.

I can’t remember much about it aside from the basic premise, but one would have to assume they’re not the last people on earth considering Kieron Dwyer’s Comic-Con poster features more than a few hard-boiled characters on it. Check past the break for the new art, which you’ll presumably be able to grab next week if you’re heading out to San Diego.



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