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Comic-Con ’11 Quick Bites: ‘Machete 2/3’ (in Space?!) and Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Frankenstein’

Two small breaking stories, one which will be expanded on when we have a full breakdown of the panel. Robert Rodriguez told San Diego Comic-Con attendees that he’s about to begin filming a sequel to Machete, his feature-length version of the faux trailer intertwined to the 2007 Grindhouse. A third film will be teased within (can you say Machete in space?!). Full story soon, with details on Machete and Heavy Metal.

During his San Diego Comic-Con panel Guillermo del Toro gave updates on several upcoming projects. Starting with his version of Mary Shelly’s “Franksenstein” del Toro promised that there’s one big thing different in his version of Frankenstein than all the others, but left it at that. What a cock tease.

He’s also determined to get the mega-budgeted, R-rated At Mountains of Madness H.P. Lovecraft project off the ground stating that he’s still committed to the project even if the studio isn’t. As for Hellboy 3, budget and the epic nature of the story is what’s holding it up.



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