Comic-Con '11: FULL Trailer for 'Dexter' Season Six! - Bloody Disgusting
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Comic-Con ’11: FULL Trailer for ‘Dexter’ Season Six!



Having just premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con, Showtime has released the FULL trailer for the forthcoming sixth season of “Dexter”.

As previously reported, “Battlestar Galactica”‘s Edward James Olmos, “Mad Men”‘s Colin Hanks, “Deadwood”‘s Molly Parker, “Off The Map”‘s Aimee Garcia, and “Light’s Out”‘s Billy Brown have landed major recurring arcs.

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) spent Season Five atoning for the death of his wife, Rita. He committed to being a part of her children’s lives and entered into a deep, passionate relationship with Lumen, unlike anything he’d ever had before. But Dexter’s need to kill overpowers his desire for human connection. And now that one person knows the truth about him, and a few others are close, how much longer will America’s favorite serial killer be able to keep his dark side a secret?


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