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Comic Con ’11: ‘The Darkest Hour’ Will Be PG-13, Trailer, Concept Art!

Just left the Darkest Hour trailer debut at Comic-Con and I came away mildly impressed, and yet still unconvinced whether the film, now coming out December 23rd, will ultimately add anything new to the alien invasion genre outside the unique moscow location.

In addition, inside we got our hands on some pretty cool production art, along with the previously released official still featuring Emile Hirsch taking Moscow by storm.

Inside you’ll find all the goods, alongside a few choice quotes from my conversations with producers Tom Jacobson and Monnie Wills:

San Diego Comic Con The Darkest Hour

On not making the August release date: “We had a very aggressive [post-]production schedule from the beginning to try and make the August date,” said Wills. “[But we just were never really sure that we would be able to make our post schedule…nothing to do creatively with the film, just the nuts and bolts and x’s and o’s of what we have to do.

On the rating/tone of the film: “It’s gonna be rated PG-13,” Wills told me. “I think that it’s a movie that parents can see with children of a certain age.

On when the “invisible” alien creatures, which were not shown in their pure physical form in the trailer, become visible in the course of the movie: “Part of the journey of the characters is to discover what these beings are,” answered Wills. “It’s not until the third act that you really get a good look.

On shooting in 3D and 3D fatigue: “We shot it in native 3D, so it’s embedded in the feel of the movie,” said Jacobson. “And then there’s something about our effects, the particular way that the alien kill and attack…people that’s effective in 3D. Cause they shred things and throw them away, and they can throw them toward camera. …So it’s not just where we’re selling it so much as the 3D is the reason to see it…it’s [more] like the production design. It’s part of the feel of the movie.

Below you’ll some pretty astounding concept art, with the trailer premiering soon:

The Darkest Hour Comic Con

The Darkest Hour Comic Con

The Darkest Hour Comic Con

The Darkest Hour Comic Con



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