‘Hellboy 2’ Gets Shafted for Something Better?

With the success of Hellboy (review) in theaters- and on DVD- you would think director Guillermo del Toro would be in a rush to get the sequel off the ground. According to actress Selma Blair, we might be waiting awhile as del Toro works on another project first. Read on for the story…
A rainy day for ‘Hellboy’ fans?

“Selma Blair, co-star of the SF comic-book adaptation Hellboy, told SCI FI Wire that shooting for the film’s proposed sequel will likely be delayed while director Guillermo del Toro tackles another project. “I don’t start that for probably a year and a half,” Blair said in an interview. “Guillermo is working on something else, so I’ll probably have to wait. I talked to Guillermo last week when I was in Europe with him. He’s sworn me to secrecy, but it’s so good, and I’m so excited.”

In Hellboy, based on Mike Mignola’s graphic-novel series, Blair played Liz Sherman, a woman who can control fire with her mind, opposite Ron Perlman’s title demon hero. She said that she looks forward to expanding her character’s personality?and wardrobe. “We kind of came together with what I wanted [on the first film],” Blair said. “I want more control and for Liz to be sexier for the second one, and I hope the wardrobe will reflect that, because she’s no longer a shrinking violet.”

Blair married actor Ahmet Zappa immediately prior to the release of Hellboy earlier this year. But she said that she plans to put motherhood on hold until after she completes the sequel. “I would love to have a child, but I want to wait until Hellboy is over, because that’s a really long arduous shoot in another country,” Blair said, adding that she wouldn’t be opposed to doing a third Hellboy film as well. “Hopefully by then I will have made so much money on Hellboy 2 that I can afford a nanny and someone to take care of me, exercise my legs and look better. Right now, I’m what is called regular folk.”

Source: Sci Fi Wire