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‘Theatre Of The Devil’ Opening Its Doors



Theatre of the Devil is the new feature film being produced by Mikrotone
Entertainment, to be filmed in the Los Angeles area.

Theatre of the Devil is about deranged illusionist Xanthus as he seeks a vessel to bring his long lost love back from the grave. He finds Diana, a ruthless killer on the run and the two begin a cat and mouse game in an attempt crush the other’s spirit. In the final act, nothing is what it seems. The difference between reality and illusion is uncertain in this deadly game of cloak and dagger. The tables continually turn until the curtain falls, and only one will see the light.
Xanthus lives alone in the Theatre he owns developing magic acts based on the macabre and the grotesque. He pretends to be a simple country bumpkin to lure Diana into believing she can take advantage of him.

The legendary Bill Moseley will bring Xanthus to life.

Bill Moseley starred in Rob Zombie’s first two films HOUSE OF A THOUSAND
CORPSES and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS as OTIS and has worked with Rob on every
film that he has directed. For Bill’s role as OTIS in THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, there was an unprecedented campaign (for a horror genre actor) to nominate him for an Oscar. Bill also stars in Twisted Pictures’ (the SAW franchise) REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, as well as their picture THE TORTURED. Bill’s role as CHOP TOP in THE CHAINSAW MASSACRE has been immortalized.

Bill’s extensive resume speaks for itself,” says Frank Giglia, associate producer and screenwriter. “I always knew he would be perfect for the charming, quirky, psychotic
Xanthus, so when he agreed, I was ecstatic.

Standing against him is Diana Michaels. An embittered housewife, she formulates a plan and kills her husband for his money, leaving her boy-toy to take the fall. However, when the police get on her trail, she flees, unafraid to use any means necessary to stay beyond the reach of the law. When she meets Xanthus, she thinks she’s found her next pawn, but she’s stumbled into a trap decades in the making.

Diana is being played by Danielle Harris.

Danielle Harris is one of few actresses to have made a successful transition from child star to ingénue. While she is considered the most recognizable and in demand female star in the horror genre, her list of credits is extensive and diverse. After a twenty-year hiatus starring as “Jamie Lloyd” in HALLOWEEN IV & V she returned to the HALLOWEEN franchise in the Rob Zombie-directed HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN II. She also stars as “Marybeth” in HATCHET II. Her vampire drama, STAKELAND premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

After reading THEATRE OF THE DEVIL, I knew that Danielle Harris would be the actress to truly drive the story and that she could fully capture the complexities of DIANA” says director Jourdan McClure who just wrapped on the now in distribution Rogue River, also starring Bill Moseley.

After viewing Jourdan’s last movie, Rogue River, I knew Jourdan understood the realism of the genre, and within one phone call, he had me completely convinced that his vision for Theatre of the Devil was going to be perfect for bringing Frank’s pages to life,” says Anthony Purzycki, Executive Producer.

Theatre of the Devil is also being produced by Gary Adelman, Judy Fox and Rick Tucker of Allied Artists Pictures.


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