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Horror In Your House: August 1st, 2011

Plenty to choose from this week on the horror front, led by Bloody Disgusting Select’s YellowBrickRoad, Sony’s Quarantine 2, and Dark Sky’s Stake Land. Those three flicks are all worthy of a watch. And for those looking to go 3D the “real” 3D version of The Final Destination is also available. Check out the rest below and have a great week.
Horror In Your House
August 1st, 2011


Boston Strangler is an intense crime thriller about Albert De Salvo, a wise-cracking, small time criminal with an unrelenting sex drive, who ultimately falsely confesses to being the strangler that wreaked havoc in Boston during the early sixties. Guided by his manipulative cell mate, who knows more about the murders than he reveals, they devise a plan to gain all of the notoriety from the killings and the money from the reward.

EVIDENCE OF A HAUNTING – Midnight Releasing

Three investigations conducted by the Supernatural Phenomena Research Society are documented, beginning with the exorcism of a young girl in Louisiana, then on to an American Indian Poltergeist in Oklahoma, then finally a particularly difficult case in Dallas, Texas. Something haunts the tunnels deep below the Trinity River Community College, something evil. As they probe deeper below, it becomes apparent that they’ve invaded the realm of the son of Satan, and they may not all escape.

EXIT 33 – Breaking Glass Pictures, Vicious Circle Films

A few miles off Exit 33 lies Ike s Last Chance Gas, an old, forgotten hideaway where the reclusive Ike pumps gas and practices his taxidermy skills. Though he might come across as a simple soul, Ike has a dark secret: he s obsessed with women who have enchanting eyes eyes he wants to keep for himself. Now, as four friends make their way to their 5-year high school reunion, they all make the mistake of taking Exit 33, and they won t be making it back to the highway any time soon.

MICAH SAYS: Kane Hodder alert. DVD includes an audio commentary with Kane and an interview with the legend.

THE FINAL DESTINATION (Blu-Ray 3D) – New Line Home Video

The story kicks off when a teenager’s premonition of a deadly racecar crash spares his life and those of a few lucky others. But death continues to stalk those who escaped it.

MICAH SAYS: For those with a 3D TV and just in time for the upcoming release of “Final Destination 5”, which will certainly be the final one, right?


A teenage girl with a fixation on her father witnesses the rape and murder of her mother, whom she despised. Years later, her father remarries. Despising her stepmother and step-brother as much as she did her real mother, Julie begins plotting her new mom and brother’s demise, all in an effort to keep daddy all to herself.


Mystery Science Theater 3000’s verbal brawls with the much-maligned Japanese monster Gamera–you know, the flying turtle–are included in this limited-edition boxed set, which buffets the riffing with some impressive and informative extras. The Gamera films were a staple of MST3K from its humble beginnings as Minneapolis UHF programming, and when the Satellite of Love moved to Comedy Central in the early ’90s, the American re-edits released by distributor Sandy Frank were among the show’s most popular episodes. All five of the MST3K Gamera episodes, culled from the show’s third season in 1991 and featuring series creator Joel Hodgson alongside robots Tom Servo and Crow, are included in the set, as are some of the show’s most memorable skits: in Gamera, Tom croons a heartfelt tribute to the film’s lost pet, Tibby the Turtle, and head writer/future host Mike Nelson turns up as the giant monster himself to reveal the true nature of his relationship with boy hero Kenny, while Gamera vs. Gaos features the cast’s aborted presentation of their opera “Gameradammerung,” and Gamera vs. Guiron and Gamera vs. Zigra offer the SOL’s rousing “Gamera Song” and several berserk variations. None of the MST3K Gamera experiments have been available on home video prior to this release, so longtime fans can finally retire their worn pre-records and enjoy the episodes in glorious, uncut form.

QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

A sequel to the box office success Quarantine, Screen Gems’ remake of the Spanish horror film [REC] heads into an airport. In QUARANTINE, an apartment building in Los Angeles was quarantined by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), trapping the frightened residents inside as a deadly mutant virus turned the residents into rabid killers. QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL picks up later that night at LAX, as passengers board a flight to Nashville. When a passenger becomes violently ill with a mysterious rabies-like virus, the plane makes an emergency landing at a large metropolitan airport. Jenny (Mercedes Masohn, CBS’s “Three Rivers”), a heroic yet inexperienced flight attendant, takes charge of the safety of her passengers. Relieved when a swarm of heavily equipped emergency vehicles, police units and the CDC arrive, Jenny and the passengers soon discover that they have been quarantined and are now trapped. Desperate to escape, Jenny enlists the help of one of the surviving passengers, a kindergarten teacher, Henry (Josh Cooke, A Fork In The Road, I Love you Man), to devise a plan to survive.

STAKE LAND (Blu-Ray / DVD) – Dark Sky Films

Martin was a normal teenage boy before the country collapsed in an empty pit of economic and political disaster. A vampire epidemic has swept across what is left of the nation’s abandoned towns and cities, and it’s up to Mister, a death dealing, rogue vampire hunter, to get Martin safely north to Canada, the continent’s New Eden.

MICAH SAYS: Big statement alert. Mister is the new Ash (or at least has the potential). Mister is half “Zombieland” Woody Harrelson, half “Evil Dead” Bruce Campbell, all vampire teeth trading sonofabitch badass extraordinaire. Outside of the already infamous cab stab scene in `I Saw the Devil”, “Stake Land” has the best on screen moment of the year. Hint: Helicopters + Vampires + Christian Crazies. One of the best horror films this year so far. Pick of the week.

STRIGOI: THE UNDEAD – Breaking Glass Pictures, Vicious Circle Films

Podoleni Village may seem like a typical Eastern European town, but when a young local named Vlad goes searching for his grandfather s runaway dog, he uncovers a mysterious death. As Vlad digs deeper into the possible murder mystery, his trail leads him to the Tirescus an ex-Communist couple who happen to be the richest landowners in town. Though Vlad is determined to confront the Tirescus, his quest takes a sudden detour when he learns that the two bullies may be bloodsuckers in more ways than one…

THE TENANT – Indican

An obsessed doctor tries to cure human deformities through DNA splicing, an obsession drawing him into a dark world where he experiments on the patients at Edgewood Asylum. Ignoring his pregnant wife Olivia, she comes to see him one night, but everything goes horribly wrong as Dr. Newman watches in horror as Olivia deliver their twins – One twin is a beautiful baby girl, the other a deformed creature that defies nature. 25 years later, on a dark road, a van breaks down. Young, beautiful Liz Holliman of the Roslyn Center For The Deaf is traveling with a group of young teens and her driver, ex-con, Jeff Thomas. With a flat tire, a storm and freezing temperatures, they must seek shelter. The group makes their way to an old abandoned building — the Edgewood Asylum. Little do they know – evil awaits them…


In a careless government mix up, the deadly virus ROUND 2 ends up in a small Canadian city. Unsuspecting patrons of a local tattoo shop are infected with the experimental germ, inevitably turning into flesh eating ghouls. It is up to Danny Druff and his friends to stop the zombies and find answers before the situation escalates out of control. With no option but to fight, Danny and his posse wage war against the meandering cadavers.

YELLOWBRICKROAD – ( DVD) – The Collective, Bloody Disgusting Selects

In the fall of 1940, the entire population of Friar, NH abandoned their homes and walked up an ancient trail, never to be seen alive again. Their fates have remained a mystery for over 70 years; until a team of researchers discover the trailhead and attempt to track the path the doomed citizens of Friar took.

MICAH SAYS: The premise is there. The music is there. The acting is there. The execution at the end is disappointing. One of my favorite ideas / plots of the year so far, the film gave me some Blair Witch / Slender Man – esque vibes. And it’s got a nice slow-burning thing going on for it.

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