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Fresh Details on That ‘Dances With Werewolves’ Flick



Those of us who spent the duration of Dances With Wolves hoping Kevin Costner would get torn apart by wolves may get their wish. Well, kind of. Ariane Entertainment CEO Rene Robinson announced the company has green lit a new horror film titled Dances With Werewolves. It will tell the story of American Civil War POW’s who fight for their lives against the terrifying transformative powers of Native American warriors.

The period horror flick is set to start filming in Louisiana in January and has a $10 million dollar budget. Chad Ferrin (Someone’s Knocking at the Door, Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!) will direct and the cast has yet to be announced. SFX Studio (Underworld, Alien Trespass) will be in charge of bringing the werewolves to life and Crest Digital (Titanic, The Matrix) will handle post-production.

Dances With Werewolves is part of a two picture deal with US company Ariane Entertainment and Australian house Galloping Illusions. The second film – Thomas Edison Demon Hunter – sounds barely a lawsuit away from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and will be shot in Julynext year for a late 2012 release. The action/horror film follows rival inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla who join forces to stop evil mastermind Aleister Crowley from creating Hell on Earth.

Galloping Illusions’ Carlos Alperin and Roham Ghodsi will produce both features, with Robinson as executive producer.


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