Preview: Ghost Projekt #1 - Bloody Disgusting
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Preview: Ghost Projekt #1



Oni Press has always been known for its originality in titles such as “The Damned” and “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World”, and in 2010 they hope to further this sentiment with Joe Harris’ new series “Ghost Projekt”. Beyond the break you’ll find a preview of the title slated for a March 3rd Release.

Russia is often remembered from the shadow cast during the Cold War-era when every stranger was a spy, but now that the Cold War is long over, some things left behind from that era may not stay lost. An abandoned Soviet research facility somewhere in Siberia has been home to a strange and dangerous weapon that is now in the hands of thieves claiming it for their own. U.S. weapons inspector Will Haley has been assigned to find out what dangers the weapon poses, and with the help of Russian agent Anya Romanova, they will find the answers but it will be far from easy.

For those who haven’t yet seen artist Steve Rolston’s work in the fantastic “Queen and Country” you are grossly missing out on one of the best illustrated comics in recent memory. As for Harris he is no slouch either, having written for both Marvel’s “X-Men” and DC’s “Batman” in the past. At a glance this looks to be a very interesting little title on Oni’s hands, especially with a creative team like this at the reigns. It will be interesting to see what the title has to offer come March 3rd, and stay tuned here at Graphic Content as we bring you news and updates for the title leading up to its release.

The story penned by Joe Harris (“X-Men” and “Batman”) and illustrated by Steve Rolston (“Queen and Country”) drops on March 3rd 2010.


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