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R.I.P. Captain Howdy, ‘Strangeland 2’ is Dead

As much as I laughed through most of Dee Snider’s awkward 1998 Strangeland (directed by John Pieplow) when it was in theaters, It’s become a guilty pleasure that I revisit more often than not. In fact, I now think it’s a pretty badass film.

It comes as a great disappointment to me that I have to report to you that Strangeland II: Disciple is official DEAD.

In response to a fan’s question on Twitter as to “whatever happened to Strangeland 2??”, Snider stated, “Dead in the water. #soeffingfrustrated.

Casting was underway back in January of 2010 for a supposed shoot in Cleveland, which apparently has since gone awry. For those of you curious as to what the sequel would have been about, check out the casting synopsis by clicking the title above.

R.I.P. Captain Howdy (aka Carleton Hendricks).

Strangeland 1998 Dee Snider



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