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‘The Road Killer’ Teaser Trailer and Hilarious Filmmaker’s Statement



A new teaser trailer has been released for Jon Craig’s Road Killer that has both a Facebook and official website, yet ZERO information on the film. Instead they decided to post what feels like a seven page fluff piece about their production including these gems of statements: “We decided to take on this film because it is the film that we want to make.” Duh. And, “We hope that ‘The Road Killer’ will inspire people like to not be afraid to make movies they want to make.” ANDDD “The horror genre has a long history of succesful low budget projects being very succesful.” (yes, spelled wrong; it shows you just how serious they’re taking this.) How about a PLOT SYNOPSIS instead of this ego-building BS?

Anyways, Maria Olsen (Shelter, Die-ner, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) has signed on to play Lieutenant Meyers’ wife, Lilith. Not that the role means anything to you without a plot. Jack Holtz (as Lt. Meyers), Paul Garrett, Gabriel Bellotti, Julie Ufema, and Jason Ufema all co-star.

As much fun as I make, I do hope this ends up being a cool movie. I’m just fairly sick of people not taking it as serious as they claim they are…


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