One of the Best Horror Ideas Ever in Comic Form!

‘The Legend of Hell House’ is easily one of the best horror films ever made (in my puny human mind) and now IDW Publishing is about to bring the adapatation of the novel Hell House to a comic book shop near you! Read on for the full details on this amazing story…
CBR writes:

San Diego, CA (9/23/04) Richard Matheson (I Am Legend) has remained one of the true masters of the horror genre for decades, delivering timeless tales of horror in the form of everything from Twilight Zone episodes to movies like The Incredible Shrinking Man and Duel, and terrifying novels like Hell House.

And now IDW Publishing is proud to present a lavishly illustrated adaptation of Hell House, one of his undisputed horror classics. Hell House is the tale of newspaper publisher Rudolph Deutsch, who is facing his impending demise. Deutsch hires a team of experts to help him learn the secrets of life after death. To do so, they must survive a night in Belasco House, a place known amongst the local townsfolk as Hell House!

Adapted by noted writer Ian Edgington (2000 A.D.), with moody, detailed black-and-white art by Simon Fraser (Judge Dredd), Hell House is a four-issue bi-monthly aimed at Matheson readers and horror fans in general.

“There are very few horror writers today that can be described as masters among their peers, but Richard Matheson is one of them,” IDW’s Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall, stated. “And Hell House is right up there with the scariest things he’s ever written. Ian and Simon’s adaptation is true to Richard’s amazing prose while offering a visual take on the book that should blow people away.”

Hell House is the second Matheson adaptation published by IDW Publishing, following the successful I Am Legend hardcover collection. The first issue of Hell House will hit stores in December.

Hell House #1 is a black and white, 48-page comic book on sale in December 2004, with a retail price of $6.49.

Source: CBR