Mr. D on the set of ‘Amityville’ Part 2- Ryan Reynolds is Hilarious

If you head on over to Dark Horizons, you can check out part 2 of my on-set experience in Buffalo Grove, IL, for MGM and Dimension Film’s upcoming Amityville Horror remake. In part 2, you can read a full blown interview with the star- and who I think will become the next big thing- Ryan Reynolds, who also stars in the upcoming ‘Blade: Trinity.’ Keep checking both B-D and Dark Horizons for parts 3 and 4 in the upcoming week, which feature interviews with Melissa George and first time director Andrew Douglas. ‘Amityville Horror’, which hits theaters April 15th, 2005, is based on a true story, which was also in book form by Jay Anson. It purported that the residents of a tree-lined home in a Long Island suburb were terrorized by a haunted house. The home had been inhabited previously by a disturbed young man who murdered his family. You can read part 1 of the set visit here.

Source: Dark Horizons, B-D