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Gameplay Trailer for Freddy Krueger ‘Mortal Kombat’ DLC!

Even though we were the first horror site to post news on it, I received dozens upon dozens of e-mails from you dear readers asking why we didn’t post that Freddy Krueger would be making a legendary appearance in the latest incarnation of “Mortal Kombat,” on both Xbox and PS3. It was so annoying, in fact, that I wanted to prominently feature this story at the top of the site this evening so that all of you A Nightmare on Elm Street fans don’t miss out.

Freddy is NOW available as a DLC on both Xbox and PS3, so hop online and slash your way to victory using an array of nightmarish moves. Check out the “official” gameplay trailer inside and then talk back with your thoughts on how well he’s integrated into the game. Flawless victory anyone?



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