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John Landis Tells B-D He’s Making Another Monster Movie!



Just hopped off the phone with John Landis about his new black comedy film Burke & Hare (coming out September 9th), and near the end of the conversation I asked the “American Werewolf in London” director if he’ll ever return to the horror genre. To my surprise, he said he would, and he even gave me a few details on the new project, a monster movie he’s currently writing with Alexandre Gavras, the son of legendary Greek filmmaker Costa-Govras. Here’s what he had to say:

You know what? Actually, I’m writing one with Alexandre Gavras and we’re shooting it within the next two years in Paris,” he said. “Yeah, a little monster movie. It has no title [yet]…You’re the first people to know about it.

Though he couldn’t give me much more information that that, he did mention the film will feature both French and English dialogue, and that his casting will be populated with bilingual thesps as a result. And while he apparently already has actors attached, he unfortunately wouldn’t spill.

It’s interesting…my cast has to be bilingual because it’s being shot in French and English,” he told me. “We know who’s gonna star in it, but this is all off the radar right now [so I can’t tell you who they are].

Stay tuned for more updates as news develops on this…


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