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[Review] ‘Final Destination’ Suspense Overload!

This Friday Warners and New Line unleash Final Destination 5, their 3-D sequel that takes a sharp turn and makes some major changes (for the better). While I’m curious to see where other critics stand on Death’s latest game of cat and mouse, I personally thought it was a triumph, which is saying a lot for the fourth sequel in a franchise.

It’s suspense overload that had me squirming in my seat like a 5-year-old watching “Barney”. Quale squeezes every ounce of air out of your body and leaves very little room to breathe… It truly, whole-heartedly, genuinely, and without a shadow of a doubt IS the best [sequel in the franchise].

Click the title above for the entire review. Check back this weekend to write your own and tell all of BD if you agree me me, or think I’m a complete jackass. Either way, I’ll enjoy the read.

Final Destination 5



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