Review: Victorian Undead #2 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: Victorian Undead #2



When Wildstorm started their 6 issue one shot ‘Victorian Undead’ back in December they were met with the enthusiastic embrace of the hyped up masses ready to see Robert Downey Jr in another blockbuster film, and legions of deadheads everywhere. Now the team is back with issue 2 to try and stave our hunger. Read on for the full review.

The story again finds us in an alternate Victorian universe where charismatic Detective Sherlock Holmes, and his quick-witted sidekick Watson are dealing with their most puzzling mystery yet: zombies.

The entire issue this month, for all intents and purposes, takes place during one battle between Sherlock & Watson and a hoard of the undead in the underbelly of the city. Sherlock has hatched a theory that the magistrate must have some involvement in the resurrection of these corpses, and so he decides to return to ‘the hole’ to investigate.

The issue is another solid installment to the fledgling series, with some pretty exciting twists and turns. The main issue “Victorian Undead” suffers from is that it seems to buckle under the weight of its dialogue. At times it feels a bit corny or over exaggerated, and your mind begins to wonder towards the beginning of the issue. Which is not a good point to lose interest in any story much less one that is only in its first few pages. But Edington makes up for this stumble with some very interesting plot points, such as how he tries to tie in the Victorian cities history with the zombies, or how the military has chain guns and rocket launchers within their possession.

Besides that I am still not a fan of the character design for the comics’ hero, who seems to be doing his best Harry Osbourne impersonation. But for that artist Fabbri can’t be faulted, it is what it is, I would have just preferred to have seen a more traditional Holmes for this story. But then again traditional isn’t in the vocabulary of this series now is it?

All in all “Victorian Undead” #2 is a fun little ride that you just might find enjoyable if you take it. Its not going to break down any barriers (“The Umbrella Academy”) or start you into mind provoking thought (“The Stand”) like other titles out there, but it will entertain you. And for Sherlock Holmes VS Zombies I think that’s fair enough.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Skulls


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