New Reviews: ‘Saw’ ‘The Day After’ & ‘H. H. Holmes’

I have to say, here’s a little sigh of relief- one of our reviewers didn’t love Lions Gate Film’s upcoming Saw (review #1, #2, #3) like the rest of us did! I was beginning to get a little worried that maybe we’d end up looking like a bunch of jerks when a few of you didn’t like the film- so here it is for you guys who’d cram it down our throats if you hated it- a mixed review for James Wan’s ‘Saw,’ which hits theaters October 29th. Also added is a review for the 1983 TV movie The Day After, you can read that by clicking here. The last review is for a very interesting movie called H. H. Holmes, I think a lot of you might really dig this film, click here to read the review.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting