NECA Kicks Out HUGE Announcements!

Well 18″ is huge to some people (wink). Hot damn do these guys (NECA) rock or what? Just announced tonight (at least one of em’) are a few really kick arse figures coming in 2005! First off we’ll see a 19″ Jason Voorhees (based on his appearance in ‘Freddy vs. Jason’)- this will be the biggest- most massive 18″+ figure ever!! Next up we’ll see a 18″ talking Captain Spaulding (based on his appearance in ‘House of 1000 Corpses’) By popular demand an 18″ version of everyone’s favorite clown. Spaulding should be on store shelves in time for the sequel ‘The Devil’s Rejects’! Last but not least an 18″ Iron Maiden Eddie figure! Somewhere in Time Eddie w/ Lights and Movement (based on Somewhere in Time album artwork) Eddie will feature a light up cyborg eye and he will feature motion activated movement that allows him raise and lower his gun. Visit NECA for more.

Source: NECA