When One Contest Ends- Another Begins…

…in a perfect world that is. At least today we’ve got a brand new contest for ya’ when one ends. Inside you’ll find a list of the winners from the Unspeakable DVD contest along with details on how you can win one of three signed copies of issue #2 of the zombie comic book Reign of the Dead– or a piece of original art from the book! Don’t forget that the Monster Man DVD contest is still live right here. Check out the new contest inside…

The Winners of the Unspeakable DVD contest are:
1.Hector Verduzco
2.Nick Williams
3.Michael Gencarelli
4.Rory Abel
5.Matthew Coyle

Want to win a signed copy of issue #2 of Reign of the Dead? How about some original artwork? Well you’ve got until October 12th to E-mail me what you like best about the official website along with your full name and mailing address. Winner will be chosen at random.

Source: Official Website
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