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The Spirits Tells Universal To Pass On ‘Ouija’

Passing on At The Mountains Of Madness earlier this year and recently squashing the multi-film and TV Dark Tower series, it looks like Platinum Dunes’ Ouija is the latest casualty in Universal’s project slashing war.

The studio has put the property – which has McG directing and Michael Bay producing – into turnaround, despite their costly deal with Hasbro and Milton Bradley to develop their properties for the big screen. Universal is so uninterested in the project that they’re willing to pay the $5 million penalty for dropping it, a stipulation laid out in their development deal.

This comes three weeks after Uni passed on rebooting Clue. The studio is either afraid to develop Hasbro and Milton Bradley properties until they see how Battleship does (maybe it’s as god awful as the trailer makes it look) or doesn’t want to take any costly risks after Cowboys And Aliens tanked at the box office.

Bay and McG are supposedly shopping the project around, with Paramount already passing on it.



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