Dimension Gets into the Asian Horror Game

While some of us are already bored with the idea of the States remaking classic Asian horror cinema, the studios are still jumping on the bandwagon in getting their grubby little hands on any property not snatched up yet, which leaves only two movies… (just kidding). Today Dimension Films has acquired their ‘Asian’ project, which they hope will bring in mucho bucks like ‘The Ring’ remake did awhile back. Inside you’ll find the story about The Ghost
According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Dimension Films has acquired the remake rights to the Korean horror film Ryeong (The Ghost) from Showbox.

Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee, Doug Davison and Sonny Mallhi will produce. “The Ghost” revolves around a teenage girl suffering from amnesia who discovers that she is somehow connected to a group of people who are being killed off one by one by a vengeful ghost.

The horror film genre is a huge homegrown industry in Korea, and “Ryeong,” directed by Tae-Kyeong Kim, was the best-performing horror movie of the summer. Dimension co-presidents Andrew Rona and Brad Weston will oversee the project for the studio with Dan Levine, senior vp production and development.

Vertigo Entertainment has become a specialist in Asian remakes, especially horror remakes. The company executive produced DreamWorks’ “The Ring,” which grossed $250 million worldwide, and is working on “The Ring 2.” It has “The Grudge,” starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, opening Oct. 22 via Sony Pictures. The studio’s “Dark Water,” starring Jennifer Connelly and directed by Walter Salles, just wrapped.

Source: Hollywood Reporter