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Pathe Gets ‘Twixt’

I wasn’t at Comic-Con this year, but word has it one of the most awesome and inspiring (not to mention weird) panels was for Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt.

It was there that Coppola and composer Dan Deacon (who is annoying in some contexts and brilliant and others) debuted their vision for the 3D ‘interactive” version of Twixt, wherein the audience response to certain scenes can determine which scenes follow. It’s my understanding that the interactive version of the film will be something that Coppola travels with himself so as to control the film’s modulation to its audience, while the version of the film with a linear narrative will be released into theaters as a separate entity.

And it appears that Pathe will be handling distribution of the film in France as well as international sales to other territories. Per Variety, “Pic, which will bow at Toronto in the Special Presentation section, toplines Val Kilmer as a mystery writer on the decline, who moves to a small town, and gets caught up in a dark murder case involving a young girl, who has turned into a ghost”.

Hopefully after TIFF we’ll get word of a North American distributor.



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