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‘Human Centipede 2’ Teaser Trailer In No Way More Disturbing Looking Than Part 1!!

That headline is lying. Totally and completely, but I’m guessing you knew that. OF COURSE Human Centipede II is going to outdo its predecessor! To fall anything short would seemingly go against director Tom Six’s reasons for living.

A few days back we gave you a look at the series’ new villain Martin, played by Laurence R. Harvey. Judging from this teaser, Martin is an even more unsavory character than Human Centipede‘s Dieter Lasser’s Dr. Heiter, even if we’re just judging by hygiene alone at this point (though he does seem even more unhinged / unpredictable).

IFC is releasing Human Centipede 2 UNCUT in limited theaters on October 7th.

Teaser is after the jump.


Trailer courtesy of Yahoo.



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