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Netflix Instant Horror In Your House: Sept 7th, 2011

Check out the recent horror releases along with the flicks expiring soon on Netflix Instant. With all the drama around Netflix lately involving price hikes and losing contracts with their major distributors, is anyone gonna stick it out? Personally, even with the price hike the service is more than worth it, but if there’s no decent movies available come February, well then, Red Box here I come. Or maybe I’ll try to find a video rental store. They still have those, right?
Netflix Instant Horror In Your House
Sept 7th, 2011


A weekend getaway turns into a hellish encounter for three college buddies in this unnerving shocker based on a true story. Setting off to chase skirts and get soused, Phil (Rider Strong), Ed (Brian Presley) and Henry (Jake Muxworthy) head south of the border, where Phil soon finds himself held captive by satanic drug smugglers looking for a human sacrifice. Sean Astin delivers a disturbingly sadistic performance in a career-altering turn.

MICAH SAYS: Ranks right up there with the best of anything to come out of Horrorfest.


A heartfelt Irish wake for an old friend accidentally awakens three ghosts — a rapist, an ax murderer and a pint-sized pyromaniac — who wreak havoc on the drunken revelers who danced on their graves: Harris (Dominic Purcell), Allison (Clare Kramer) and Kira (Josie Maran). Marcus Thomas, Tchéky Karyo and Megahn Perry star in this horrific tale of cause and effect from director Mike Mendez (The Convent).

MICAH SAYS: Another excellent Horrofest film. Original, creepy and a heck of a lot of fun. And it serves as a reminder that pissing on graves is never EVER a good idea.


In this gruesome thriller, blood-drenched Sarah Carter (Shauna MacDonald) surfaces as the lone escapee from the savage cave-dwelling Crawlers that terrorized her and five others. Traumatized and unable to explain the nightmare, she must return to help find her friends. But it’s not long before the search team becomes the Crawlers’ fresh prey. And Sarah once again battles to cheat death, as she clings to the hope that her friends are alive.

MICAH SAYS: While this movie is completely unnecessary and follows an ending (from the original) that I personally loathe, it could have been a lot worse.


When the men on a pioneer homestead are brutally murdered and the women and children go missing, a posse sets out to find them, assuming they’ve been abducted by Indians. But the truth turns out to be much more horrific. As they find more bodies, it soon becomes clear that something from beneath the ground is brutally attacking humans. Clancy Brown, William Mapother and Sean Patrick Thomas star in this horror film set in the Wild West.

MICAH SAYS: Everyone needs to watch this movie at least once. Not enough Old West period piece horror flicks, and certainly even less that are good (Dead Birds, maybe?).

BURIED (Sept 2)

While on a job in Iraq, civilian contractor Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is attacked and kidnapped, then awakens to find himself buried alive in the middle of the desert with nothing but a lighter, a candle, a cell phone and a knife. Does Paul have the instincts he’ll need to save himself? Director Rodrigo Cortés crafts a tense psychological thriller with sociopolitical undertones that doubles as an exercise in claustrophobic terror.

MICAH SAYS: It’s Ryan Reynolds in a box, with his shirt on (sorry ladies). It’s suspenseful, claustrophobic and pretty damn gripping. I liked it more then Devil and less than 127 Hours.


When a series of inexplicable supernatural events strikes their home, Russell (David Pledger) and June (Rosie Traynor) Palmer try to figure out exactly what is behind the tragic drowning death of Alice (Talia Zucker), their 16-year-old daughter. A psychic (Steve Jodrell) might be able to help them. Joel Anderson writes and directs this psychological thriller; Martin Sharpe, Scott Terrill and Tamara Donnellan co-star.

MICAH SAYS: I love found footage flicks and Lake Mungo is without a doubt one the best. It’s like a Dateline episode directed by Ken Burns. Very authentic. Very believable. Very well crafted. Watch the photos…


Blind retired detective Franco Arno (Karl Malden) overhears a strange conversation by two men outside a pharmaceutical company. When a series of killings occurs connected to the company’s top secret research, Franco joins forces with a reporter (James Franciscus) to catch a killer with an extra chromosome. Catherine Spaak also appears in this traditional mystery from typically flamboyant horror director Dario Argento.


From the producers of Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” and the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake comes this tale of rowdy bikers who find their partying cut short by a malevolent force and a gang of equally rough Rockabilly types who may already be dead.

MICAH SAYS: Your basic “biker gang drug dealer romance meets the supernatural” movie. Okay, there really isn’t anything else there like this film. It’s a bit messy and the characters are all typical stereotypes. But hey, it’s original and unique and not a remake.


When Ben (Joel Moore), his friend Marcus (Deon Richmond) and assorted strangers embark on a creepy nighttime boat trip into the bayou, their journey takes them into the lair of Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder), a freak of nature whose deformity has turned him into a bloodthirsty killer. Only Marybeth (Tamara Feldman), one of the travelers, holds the secret that may keep them alive. Horror legend Robert Englund co-stars in this comic gore fest.


DEADGIRL (Sept 15)

After skipping school and breaking into the boiler room of a deserted mental hospital, buddies Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) and JT (Noah Segan) make a shocking discovery: the plastic-covered naked body of a woman lying on a gurney. When they realize that the woman may be alive, JT shocks Rickie by suggesting they take advantage of her. But all is not as it seems in this dark thriller: The door to the boiler room had been rusted shut for years.

MICAH SAYS: Another highly original flick (just got a Blu-Ray release as well) available for a couple more weeks. F*cking teenage boys are gross.

BLOODRAYNE (Sept 28th)

Bloodthirsty Lord Kagan (Ben Kingsley) wants his half-human, half vampire daughter to become a full-fledged vampiress, but fanged femme fatale Rayne (Kristanna Loken) denounces her father’s legacy and instead joins up with a trio of vampire hunters (Michael Madsen, Michelle Rodriguez and Matt Davis). Billy Zane and Udo Kier co-star in this Gothic horror film based on the popular video game of the same name.

MICAH SAYS: Still to this day, looking at that cast it’s hard to imagine the level of crap this movie achieved.



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