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Michael Keaton and Michelle Monaghan move into Ruben’s ‘Penthouse North’

Back in 1990 there was this movie called Pacific Heights. It featured Michael Keaton terrorizing an upscale living establishment in San Francisco. It was okay, kind of, but also horribly boring (caveat – perhaps I should revisit as an adult?)

Next year there will be a movie called Penthouse North. It will feature Michael Keaton terrorizing an upscale living establishment in New York. I hope it’s better! It’s got Michelle Monaghan (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Source Code) so that’s a start!

It’s being directed by Joseph Ruben (Sleeping With The Enemy, Dreamscape, Money Train) from a script by David Loughery who wrote Obsessed. Per The Hollywood Reporter, “The plot centers on a photojournalist (Monaghan) haunted by a tragic event who has escaped from the world in an upscale New York penthouse. The world comes after her with a vengeance in the form of a smooth but sadistic criminal (Keaton) looking for a hidden fortune, with the woman mustering her inner strength to survive.

The pic is currently being shopped at TIFF with ICM handling domestic rights and Lionsgate tackling foreign. It starts shooting in November.



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