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TIFF ’11: Cinetic Media Acquires ‘Juan of the Dead’ for US Release

John Sloss and Bart Walker’s Cinetic Media has inked U.S. and Canadian rights to Cuban helmer Alejandro Brugues’ Juan de los Muertos (Juan of the Dead), the Cuban zombie comedy that world premiered at TIFF, reports Variety.

According to “Dead’s” Spanish producer Gervasio Iglesias, the Cinetic Media deal went down after “Dead’s” first Toronto fest screening on Saturday. Avalon has Spanish distribution rights and will release “Dead” in January.

Dead” toplines Cuba’s Alexis Diaz de Villegas as Juan, a 40-year-old slacker, who notices that people are beginning to turn violent. As a zombie epidemic spreads through Havana, Juan decides to make a quick buck, offering to slay people’s infected relatives.

But as the zombie plague reaches national proportions, with people desperately trying to leave the island, Juan has to concentrate on sheer survival.

‘Dead’ works as comedy, but it’s also a metaphor for Cuba’s 50 years of revolution,” Iglesias said.



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