So Paul W.S. Anderson Had a Good Summer

It kills my soul to give Paul W.S. Anderson any credit for the successful summer he has had, and I am sure Mr. D. will have my head for writing this. Yet, the man has had two #1 horror movies this summer and it is hard not to look at the facts. While his movies might not be the greatest, they are a good thing for the Horror genre because studios will pick up horror films as they are doing so well nowadays at the box office, including Anderson’s. So read on to see what is new on his plate, including another horror movie and two more video games turned movies.
Hollywood Reporter reports,

Paul W.S. Anderson still hasn’t come down from the high of having two No. 1 films at the boxoffice this summer. As the writer-director of 20th Century Fox’s “Alien vs. Predator” and the writer-producer of Screen Gems’ “Resident Evil: Apocalypse,” the British-born filmmaker has seen the two movies gross more than $127.3 million domestically. And, in the process, he also has proved that he knows what teenage boys want when they go to the movies. That talent has raised Anderson’s profile in Hollywood, which always is keen to capture the imagination of teenage boys. By working in both the horror and video game genres, Anderson and his production partner, Jeremy Bolt, have demonstrated a knack for capturing that sector of the audience. With 1995’s “Mortal Kombat,” which reaped $70.4 million domestically for Paramount Pictures, Anderson directed one of the first video game adaptations. He and Bolt then had a hand in both “Resident Evil” titles; the first, in 2002, took in $40.1 million, while its sequel has attracted $47.6 million to date. Partnered under their company banner, Impact Films, Anderson and Bolt have three pictures in development: Two of them are video game adaptations — “D.O.A.” and “Driver” — and the third is a low-budget supernatural thriller titled “The Dark.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter