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A Psychological Trip to ‘ColdWater’ from ‘Hills Run Red’ Director

ColdWater is a psychological suspense thriller directed by David Parker (The Hills Run Red), and starring Ivan Djurovic (“24”), Rick Irwin (30 Minutes or Less), Sanny Van Heteren (Unknown, Hellraiser: Revelations) and James Duval (Donnie Darko).

Making it’s debut at the Big Bear Horror/Sci-Fi film festival on October 2nd, below you’ll find the first still, one sheet and trailer. Get more at the film’s Facebook or website.

Andre (Djurovic) recovering from a recent accident agrees to help his friend Robert (Irwin) by taking over a house-sitting job at an unusual home nestled in the heart of Coldwater Canyon. As the day turns into night, Andre faces strange occurrences that lead him to believe he is not there alone, and someone or something is watching him.

ColdWater is exciting because it is totally different from the two movies that I had done before,” says Parker. “This movie is about creating atmosphere, tension, and unsettling the audience. Doing any independent movie is challenging, and we’ve had many that we look forward to sharing. At the end of the day we have made the movie we wanted to make, no apologies, and hope that it inspires people to do the same.

ColdWater is more than just a movie, it’s a reminder to others that if you want something in life whatever it may be don’t wait around for it; go find a way to make it your reality!” adds stars Djurovic. “Dave and I knew that our movie was more of an experiment in the way we were making it, but we never stopped believing in ourselves, and our project along with the amazing people who’ve helped and made it possible.



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