Raimi Crushes ‘FvJvA’ but Speaks on ‘Evil Dead 4′?!

Brutal- just brutal… In regards to Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, does Sam Raimi, who claims, “I have great respect for those franchises,” really respect them? Even if he does, what about the fans? It seems that Raimi is the reason for this long delayed ‘Freddy vs Jason vs Ash’ announcement- and now it looks like the idea may be doomed. Read on for the scoop.
Latino Review broke the sad news today:

Sam Raimi and producing partner Robert Tapert kyboshed those rumors about a proposed Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash movie, saying clearly, “That won’t happen.” Raimi elaborated on why he didn’t feel it appropriate to bring Ash into the battle royale.

“I have great respect for those franchises,” Raimi said. “I didn’t want to be in a position where I was protecting Ash, the character that I want to eventually make another movie with one day, protecting him and not allowing the director to do what he felt he had to do. I didn’t want to be in a weird position like that. I have a great deal or respect for Sean Cunningham. I think he’s a brilliant filmmaker. He made some classics. I just didn’t think it was a winning great situation for anybody.”

That said, Raimi could still speculate on the winner of the proposed fight. “I don’t know, can you kill Freddy or Jason? I think Bruce Campbell woulda’ kicked their asses. First I think they would have had their way with him in probably 80 minutes of punishing him which I would have enjoyed.”

There were early talks on the project but Variety published a report that the film was a done deal before Raimi and Tapert were ready. Pushed to decide, Raimi did not feel confident enough to lend his character. “I wanted to give the fans what they want with that. It’s hard to know what the fans want with that, if that was the proper treatment. I just don’t know. I don’t think so. As fun as that sounded, I think they’re in two different worlds, the Evil Dead and Jason/Freddy. Maybe another time, that would be a better combination.”

Source: Latino Review, Reaper Striker