‘Saw’ Soundtrack Gets Ready To Tear It Up

Ok, so I still have yet to see Saw because I cannot score passes anywhere around me here in Ohio. Yet Mr. D can go see it almost anytime he wants, but when the Raven wants to see it, it becomes a totally different story. Enough of my SOB story, as I am here to tell you we have some interesting news as to who will be on the soundtrack for Saw. It includes a couple of heavy hitters in the music world which should make the soundtrack very interesting indeed. So come on inside and check it out, you know you want to.
Bloody-Disgusting brings you the dirt:

Artists Addiction Soundtracks/KOCH Records has kicked off the 2004 Halloween season on a chilling note with the release of the original motion picture soundtrack to the much-anticipated Twisted Pictures horror film Saw, which opens at theaters nationwide on October 29th. The CD is a truly unique and inventive soundscape that eerily captures the horror flick disturbing surrealism.

The film is expected to turn the horror film genre on its head. Saw is designed to shock the viewer with its primeval combination of gritty realism and stark surreal fantasy . Released through Lions Gate Films and starring Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon, The Royal Tenenbaums), Carey Elwes (Shadow of the Vampire, Kiss the Girls, Bram Stoker’s Dracula), Monica Potter (Along Came A Spider) and Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers, Birds of Prey), the movie stunned audiences at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, which harkened it as a landscape of indelible horror. Rue Morgue Magazine attested that the film will make your skin crawl right off your bones.

Saw was scored by Charlie Clouser (former keyboardist/programmer/drummer for the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, White Zombie). Although this is the first film he has scored, his work can be found on such high-profile soundtracks as The Matrix, Scream, Lost Highway, and Howard Stern Private Parts. Clouser was chosen to score the film after a meeting with Saw director James Wan, who wanted a composer who could enhance the sensibility of his style. He was so enthusiastic about the film, says Wan (who also contributes liner notes to the soundtrack). He had so many great ideas; I knew he was the one to go with. Utilizing unconventional instrumentation and musical assistance from Helmet Page Hamilton and NIN Danny Lohner among others, Clouser created a score both ingenious and unorthodox, akin to Jerry Goldsmiths 1968 groundbreaking score to Planet of the Apes. Saw music coordinator Jonathan Platt confirms, The only word that comes to mind after spending a good amount of time with Charlie is BRILLIANT. Clouser currently scores the music for the hit television series Las Vegas.

Additional music, amplifying the implacable atmosphere of Saw, is provided by Front Line Assembly, Enemy (featuring Troy Van Leeuwen of A Perfect Circle), Cleopatra Records artists Pitbull Daycare and Psycho Pomps, and soundtrack stalwarts Fear Factory, whose Bite The Hand That Bleeds not only serves as the first single for Saw, but also is featured as the film closing credits theme.

Source: B-D