The Ladies of ‘BloodRayne’ Talk

The very sexy Kristanna Loken and Michelle Rodriguez talk a little bit about BloodRayne. Now granted Uwe Boll destroys anything he touches, so it is a nice surprise to see these two fine looking ladies in this movie. With these two lovely ladies in the movie it might be worth price of admission alone, because we all know Uwe Boll movies have to have something to draw us in because he can’t do it on storytelling alone.
Monsters and Critics reports,

Kristanna Loken and Michelle Rodriguez spoke to M&C about their roles in the upcoming BloodRayne movie.

M&C: Can you tell us about your character in BloodRayne?

KL: She is half human half vampire and she is the daughter of the lead vampire the lead bad guy Kagan and her journey in that film is just becoming what she is, finding out that she is actually half vampire because she doesn’t know. She knows she is a little bit weird, a little bit off, she likes to drink blood, but she doesn’t quite know why. So this is basically her transformation in finding out the truth and coming to terms with it and dealing with all the repercussions.

M&C: What was it that attracted you to BloodRayne?

KL: Well I have always wanted to do a vampire movie. I always felt they were very dark and seductive, integrant and there is always the possibility that there could be vampires out there. We don’t really know if there is or if there is not but they look human, so you could still make a connection with them but yet they are not human. It’s really neat to be able to be part of this film.

M&C: You have quite an eclectic career with modeling, acting as well as music videos. Which do you prefer and why?

KL: I love acting. I’ve wanted to be a professional actress as long as I can remember. I think for me it is about evoking feelings in people and in this you can really touch people and make a difference if you can evoke a feeling because without a feeling we are dead. So I think that is why I have always loved acting is to just enhance feelings.

M&C: How did you prepare for the role of Rayne?

KL: Well, I am learned how to work with my swords that are very different to any other kinds of weapons I’ve worked with before and that’s the mean thing about working with weapons every film that you have them they are always a little bit different so you are learning different techniques. So I think I’ve done that sort of training and I’m trying to stay really fit and learning how to talk with the teeth, the fangs and just really kind of enough emerge myself into that dark atmosphere and what better place is there to do it in Romania where the whole folklore originated from.

M&C: You had a calendar “Love Apple Farm Girls!” (editors note: do not search for this in google!) Can you tell us about that?

KL: This is true, I grew up on an organic food farm in upstate New York and we have a gourmet roadside market and a bakery, and padding zoo for children, playground and my mom came up with this wacky idea that she who was a model and my sister and I were going to do that kind of sexy calendar to promote the farm. So it just so happened that we started doing these pictures before I did T3. And by the time I did T3 the calendar was completed. And it was somewhat of a hit.

M&C: Name one thing that you as a person stand for. Something that you feel very strongly about.

KL: Truth. Being truthful with yourself, with your feelings, with other people and really just trying to come from that place as much as you can and being aware of it, being aware of why you do certain things or what affects you in a certain way and just trying to evaluate that to the basis of your truth.

M&C: If you had to name one person that has helped you to achieve your goals who would it be.

KL: I would have to say my father. He such a great foundation and belief and support system in me and it means a lot to have his validation and support and love.

M&C: Who would win in a fight between Rayne and TX and why?

That would be interesting. I mean both are videogames. TX was just a very overall powerful force kind of like a bulldozer just plowing through things. And Rayne is a little bit more crafty and nimble more acrobatic, has swords instead of an arm cannon. So I think that would be a very interesting fight.

Source: Monsters and Critics