Curry Going to Add Some Spice to Next Project

The very sexy Alana Curry who you might recall from Terminator 3 might be up for a supernatural thriller called Second Line. The movie is apparently in the same vein of The Sixth Sense. Her being in the movie is well worth the price of admission, and why you are at it, why don’t you check inside to see what two horror icons they are trying to get to star as well.
Moviehole reports,

“Terminator 3″ babe Alana Curry tells Moviehole that her next film could be a supernatural thriller. “They sent me a script for this Second Line and after I read it, I told them how interested I am in it”, Curry says. “It is along the lines of ‘the six sense’. It is about ghosts and a house with ghostly story from the past that is uncovered”.

Desmond Harrington [“Wrong Turn” and someone rumoured for the next “X-Men” film] is the director Eden Tyler’s first choice for the male lead. As we speak, they’re apparently trying to get horror icons like PJ Soles and Brad Loree, from the “Halloween” films, to appear in the film too, which is due out in ’05.

Source: Moviehole