Got Some Toy News for all You Collectors

Shocker Toys sent us some information on an upcoming product of theirs. It seems they are going to be coming out with action figures based on monsters and mutants. There first series will be based on the Toxic Avenger. Who you might remember was a movie back in 1985 and it followed Melvin, the resident geek at the local health club. Then a couple of punks chase Melvin around the club and ends up in a vat of toxic waste, transforming himself into this Toxic Avenger. Read inside to find out about the details.
Shocker Toys tells us about their new product:

Buffalo, NY (Oct 2nd, 2004) – Shocker Toys is excited to announce the debut of the newest licensed product from its new collection – Mutant Mania! Coming out of a collaborative effort with Monster film companies and a few mutant characters of their own, these small but scary versions of Mutants and Monsters most popular characters will feature cool sculpts with amazing levels of articulation using the ever popular Shockini design.

Scheduled to be in stores in Febuary, Mutant Mania a branch off Shockinis will debut with cool monsters and mutants seen on the screen, starting with Toxic Avenger by Troma Films.

Shockinis were created in early 2004 by Shocker Toys as a new style of customizable block style action figure for all ages. Collectors and customizers alike have latched onto this new toy that has already appeared in stores in its customizable version, with all new versions of the kits to be available also in Feb of 2004.

Mutant and Monster characters have become cult classics and gore fans collectibles in recent years thanks in part to the release of mainstream horror action figures in the market. Shocker Toys plans to show new updated pictures of the newly anticipated line Mutant Mania as Toy Fair 2005 approaches and more Monsters and Mutants are dug up from their rotten graves.

Shocker Toys will be showing Mutant Mania and a great deal of other new products at Chiller Theatre and Toy Fair this February. Members of the Press are urged to contact Geoff Beckett of Shocker Toys while Specialty market buyers and Mass-market buyers should contact Joseph Reiter from Southern Island LLC for an appointment.

New York, Buffalo based Shocker Toys LLP, founded by Geoff Beckett in 2000 as a new idea maker in the toy industry. This fun and exciting toy company with a staff of
15 is planning on being a new force in the action figure business with plans for 6 inch action figures, mini busts and resin statues. The company’s current roster includes such lines as Arcana Studio characters, Electrobytes, Shockinis and the newly acquired Toxic Avenger for the new sub Shockini line Mutant Mania.

Source: Shocker Toys