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‘Charles Fort’ Leads Group of Period ‘Ghostbusters’

Universal Pictures is plotting a spooky feature called Charles Fort with producer Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos, says THR. Fort, which is being described by some who know the material as a “period ‘Ghostbusters’,” is the first project set up under Zemeckis and his Imagemovers’ newly minted first-look deal with the studio.

Charles Fort was an early-twentieth-century American researcher and writer whose focus was “anomalous phenomena” and the unexplained. Books Fort wrote such as “The Book of the Damned” (1919) and “New Lands” (1923) were some of the first to explore everything from levitation and teleportation to alien abduction and other paranormal pursuits. Fort was essentially a curious skeptic who enjoyed collecting data to support explanations for things that he felt were no less possible than the scientifically accepted ones.

Dark Horse Comics published a four-issue series in 2002 titled “Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained”, which turned Fort into an adventurous investigator tangling with aliens and murderers in turn-of-the-nineteenth-century New York City.

Dark Horse Entertainment also has an adaptation of its comic R.I.P.D. in production at Universal for a summer 2013 release.



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