‘House of Re-Animator’ Still in the Works!

After the disappointing Beyond Re-Animator (review), I thought the franchise was dead- that was until the legendary Stuart Gordon mentioned House of Re-Animator. When I first heard this idea, I nearly shat myself because it was so cool. After almost a year of silence, Stuart speaks up about it again, read on for the scoop.
Staurt Gordon tells SKNR:

One idea I am kicking around is House of Re-animator. It is a political satire that should certain people be back in office, then I would do it. I hope I do not have to go ahead with it, but if I do, it would be about V.P. Cheney passing from a heart attack and since he basically runs everything, Dr. West is called in to bring him back. I would only go on with this in the event of re-election as otherwise it would be old news.

Another project I am looking at is a project with Jack Ketchum called Ladys Night it is about a toxic spill that happens in Manhattan. It only affects woman but turns them into killing machines and it is a mix of real time, mayhem, and carnage.

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Source: SKNR