Niles Gives ’30 Days of Night’ a Thumbs Up

No ’30 Days of Night’ creator Steve Niles isn’t joining Ebert in Chicago- he’s just happy about the script for the film adaptation that was brought to him by Robert Tapert of Ghost House Productions. Just a few months back it was rumored that ’30 Days’ was put on the backburner- but now it seems that we might get to see the film in 2005! Read on for the scoop.
“Rob Tapert, who is producing the film adaptation of Steve Niles’ supernatural graphic novel 30 Days of Night, told SCI FI Wire that the author has read the script and was pleased with its faithfulness to the original story. “Steve has read [screenwriter Stuart Beattie’s] draft that we just turned in to the studio and thought it was the absolute best representation of the graphic novel,” Tapert said in an interview. “So he was incredibly pleased. And right now we’re just waiting for the studio to get back to us as to how they want to proceed there.”

30 Days of Night is a vampire story set in the Arctic Circle, where it remains dark for a month each winter. Tapert is shepherding the project under the banner of Ghost House Pictures, the production company he formed with friend and partner Sam Raimi (Spider-Man). Though the company was formed with the idea of making quality low-budget horror films, Tapert said the exotic setting of 30 Days of Night will likely drive up the cost of production. “Because it was such an expensive process, such an expensive movie to make, all set in the snow, we?Ghost House and our partners at Senator Entertainment?partnered right away with Sony on it, because it was going to be a $50 or $60 or $70 million movie,” Tapert said. “We know that they’re very excited with having read it. I think we’re going to meet in the coming week or so.”

Source: Sci Fi Wire