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‘The Divide’ Comic Book Becomes New York Comic-Con Experiment

The Divide

Now that I finally went broke and bought myself an iPad, reading comic books is once again the priority in my life (seriously, it’s amazing).

Making it’s debut at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con is Mondo artist James Flames’ comic book prequel to The Divide, Xavier Gens’ apocalyptic tale exploding into theaters January 13 from Anchor Bay. The film will be screening at NYCC this weekend and in honor of the event said comic will be available exclusively at Anchor Bay’s Comic Con booth, #430.

Inside you’ll find an exclusive look at pages 12 and 13 from the comic, which are actually kind of a spoiler for those of you looking forward to the film. Personally, having seen it, I’m DYING to know the origin behind these “specimens”. The cover art is also included.
Based on the post-apocalyptic thriller THE DIVIDE, THE DIVIDE Limited Edition Graphic Novel tells the story of Little Wendy, a young girl who, along with eight other strangers, survives a catastrophic nuclear attack.

To hide from the revolving door of men in her mother Marilyn’s life, Little Wendy takes cover in her imaginary world, spending most of her time alone in her room playing with her stuffed rabbit, until a nuclear attack forces Little Wendy, her mother, and several other tenants of their apartment building to seek shelter in the bunker-like basement downstairs. Little Wendy is trapped for days on end with her mother and the strangers until one night, armed men in Hazmat suits raid the sealed-off basement. At first, they appear to be a search-and-rescue team but they kidnap Wendy from her mother’s arms. The last thing Little Wendy hears is her own screams as the stuffed rabbit falls from her fingers.

With only unspeakable horrors awaiting them on the other side of the bunker door and little hope of rescue, the remaining group begins to descend into unhinged madness, each turning on one another with physical and psychological violence. Marilyn’s sex appeal is used against her and she becomes a victim of sexual-psycho torment.

Meanwhile, Little Wendy is taken to a medical facility and put in an incubator alongside other seized children and put into a dream state; happily unaware of her mother’s fate and seemingly protected from harm…or is she?

The Divide

The Divide

The Divide



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