ICP Makes Short Horror Film Debut

ICP’s new CD Hell’s Pit has hit stores with an added bonus- a short horror film called Bowling Balls. As much as I don’t really like them anymore- I still got loads of respect for Violent J and Shaggy. So read on Juggalos if you want to know whether or not to check it out!
Review by: Juggalo DIEkamba

“Your head would mean so much to me…” ICP- Bowling Balls

For those of you not in tune with the underground, the Insane Clown Posse have been going strong for 12 years now, earning them 2 platinum and 4 gold albums. For their latest, they released the CD packaged with one of two DVDs, one being a music video and a concert, the other being a 30min mini horror movie called BOWLING BALLS.

BOWLING BALLS starts off when two teens are driving down a deserted road hit something, stalling their car. After calling some friends, a stranger with clown makeup and white blaizer offer assistence and lodge in his Bed and Breakfast. Once their, he introduces his hunchbacked brother Shaggy and the head hunting mayhem begins.

The fact that it is made to be a mockery of horror becomes very apparent in the first few minutes. The lines are corny, the characters cliched, and the gore cheezy as all hell. But that doesn’t mean this is not fun. The exchanges between our duo (j and shaggy) are nothing short of hilarious, the gore fun to watch, and the lines and mockery fun to laugh at.

Probobly the best part of this is the 3D version of the movie. This is the first movie EVER to made in Hidef and 3D. After seing the lasted 3D movies such as Spy Kids 3D, many thought that the genre was dead. This movie rekindles hope, the only way to know it’s wonder is to see it urself. So go out now and get the HELL’S PIT cd with the Bowling Balls DVD for some horror-comedy delight.

4 out of 5