Roger Avary Talks ‘Silent Hill’

We have another video game being turned in a movie and thankfully Uwe Boll is no where in sight of this one. It seems, as we all know by now, that Silent Hill is being turned into a movie and it is set to have Christopher Gans behind the lens. You might remember Gans from being the director of Necronomicon as well as other titles. Well we got word that Roger Avary has a blog up and has been reporting on what is going on, including his completion of the script. Check inside to read from the man himself.
From the fingers of Roger Avary himself:

I have just finished the “Silent Hill” script. I’m sitting in Samuel Hadida’s office, with Christophe Gans, and we’re opening a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. Despite the jubilation and happiness I’m feeling, I can’t help but be slightly sad. I’m leaving for the United States on Sunday, and though I need to be there to vote, I’m going to miss this experience in Paris. I’ve made more friends, and had more life experience here, than I have had in the last year back in my own country. This has been the most fun I’ve had writing a script since…I don’t know when.

Source: Roger Avary, Sean K