Compiled Information on Glenn Danzig’s’ Horror Film

After Glenn Danzig recovers from that freakin’ cheap shot to the noggin awhile back, he plans on directing his first horror movie entitled Ge Rouge, which will be an adaptation from his upcoming comic line. Not much has been revealed about the project so ‘Sam Loomis’ did a little research and sent us all sorts of goodies he scrounged up! Read on for everything we’ve got so far…
Projects on his immediate horizon include adapting one of his comics for a movie.

“I have a line of comics called Verotik,” he explains, “and Ge Rouge is one I’ll be adapting into a screenplay.” It will be a turn of the century (1900’s) setting with vampires and zombies and will have the minimum requirement of hacked-up bodies, snake blood and naked women, as one would expect. This will be Glenn’s first shot at directing a live action, full-feature film, though he has
experience directing videos.

Interviewer: Soon you’ll direct a movie, what can we expect?

GD: It’s the first main movie that I put out. The movie Ge Rouge is a story based on the
Verotik comics I publish. Off course it’s gonna be a horror movie like you’ve never seen
before. There will be a lot of zombies, all kinds of rituals, snakeworshipments, too much to mention… After The Blackest Of The Black tour, we will have to make sure the script is
approved, then the pre-production will be done and then we’ll go on to seek actors and
actresses so we can start working on the movie. When the movie comes out, it’ll first be shown
n local theatres. If it gets successful there’s gonna be a bigger distribution, but let’s not
run too far ahead

Translated from:

Here’s what the comics are based on:
(I asked about this on a forum)

“I believe the story is loosely based on Voodoo lore. Here’s a link that may help you out with
some terminology.”

Here are a couple for reference:

Pertaining to the people, language and customs of Haiti; also used with reference to other cultures both West Indian and Latin American. This word comes through the French from a Spanish word meaning “born outside the homeland.

The principal Sky-Serpent Loa of Voudoun, an archetypally wise, loving but somewhat withdrawn father to his people. His characteristics are his lack of articulate human speech, his affinity with water, and his preference for white or colorless fod and drink. By nature a well as historically, he belongs chiefly to the Dahomey rite (Rada), but it also found in the Ibo and even (as Damballah-Ge_rouge and as Damballah-La-Flambeau) in Petro. His name is directly derived from “Danh-Gbwe.”

Literally “Red Eye.” Title indicating a horrific aspect, added to the names of certain Rada Loa when a particular Petro cult invokes a violent form of their power. Thus are produced Agwe-Ge-Rouge, Damballah Ge-Rouge, Erzulie Ge-Rouge, Ogoun Ge-Rouge.

A serpent. Some writers restore this Creole word to the French “couleuvre” from which it is derived; but the French word means “an adder,” a poisonous snake, whereas “kulev” in its Voudoun context signifies the harmless Haitian serpent which represents Damballah and Ayida Wedo.

“As for Ge Rouge(red eyes), as the story goes, a character named Papa John Carrefour believed he was the baddest Voodoo in town until a young Ge-Rouge came along and started getting attention. Papa John was jealous so he set up Ge Rouge to have him murdered and succeeded at giving him a swamp grave. Years pass and a girl named Kulev stumbles upon the body of Ge Rouge and he is brought back to life for revenge. He makes Kulev his Voodoo Queen(snake rituals) and together they are set on killing Papa John or so it seems. Zombi are sent by Papa John after the two to stop them.”

Here’s the synopsis of one of the Gerouge comics:

“Gerouge, resurrected by the would be voodoo queen, Kulev, and sporting a blade for his severed left hand, faces his final confrontation with his ancient nemesis Papa John Carrefour. What is the outcome? Lets just say it’s not what you’re expecting.”

Source: Sam Loomis, Various Sources