Say Goodbye to ‘Alien 6’ and its Integrity

Some think I hate Paul W.S. Anderson as much as Harry Knowles at AICN, well it’s untrue. I actually like a lot of his movies, especially ‘Event Horizon.’ But over the past few years I’ve lost a little faith in him and can’t stand all the lies- why lie when the truth always comes out? Anyways, Paul is now attached to the Alien 6 project, which potentially could be its doom, which also brings on the question- what happened to Alien 5? Read on for the story…
Dark Horizons discovered the following news, “UK Teletext reports that British director Paul W. S. Anderson (“Alien vs. Predator”, “Resident Evil”) is to write the sixth movie in the “Alien” franchise, according to sources close to the film maker.

Newcastle-born Anderson, 39, has apparently been asked by Twentieth Century Fox to pen a new script featuring the creatures on their own (ie. no Predators). Whether that includes the return of Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) however is unknown.

The offer for the moment is simply to pen the script, not to direct as such although that may happen thanks to the success of AVP.

Source: Dark Horizons, UK Teletext