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The Daily “Duh”: ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ Talk

In the midst of a record breaking opening, this past weekend Paramount executives claimed there were no talks about a fourth Paranormal Activity. We all knew they were full of sh*t. You don’t need a abnormally-sized calculator to tell you that the franchise is beyond profitable.

In the most obvious story of the year (maybe even decade), TheWrap is reporting that we can expect Paranormal Activity 4 in theaters by next October. (Duh?)

I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t make a number four, and I imagine (Paramount Film Group president) Adam Goodman this morning is thinking about the challenge,” Don Harris, Paramount’s head of domestic distribution explained. “I’m sure he’s thinking, ‘Now what do I do?’

Uhm, duh?

Paranormal is arguably the most profitable film property of all time. The first installment, made for a mere $15,000 (a totally fictitious number), grossed $193.35 million worldwide. The second, made for $3 million, grossed $177.51 million worldwide. And the third, which opened Friday, opened to $54 million — the highest-grossing opening weekend for a horror film ever and the biggest October opening ever. Its budget: $5 million. So far, the three films have cost a total of $8,015,000 and have grossed a worldwide total of more than $450 million.

A fourth sequel? Say it with me: “DUH!”



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