Freddy vs. Jason vs. Cassie Hack?

Now that Sam Raimi has come out to debunk all the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash nonsense, it now seems we might have another character thrown in the mix. That character would come in the form on one Cassie Hack. Now Cassie Hack is a lone surviving female slasher victim, who instead of going back to her normal life morphs herself into a hard as nails fighter who takes other slashers one on one because she doesn’t want anyone else to go through what she went through. Now, to me this sounds like an idea that just might work. Think about it, we have our two iconic slashers and then you mix it in with a sexy lady who is out to destroy these two. How can you go wrong with that combo?
Cinescape reports,

“Hey, I work at a video-game developer and it looks like our next big game is going to be HACK/SLASH. It’s based a comic book series. We were also told that there’s big movie plans in the works for this property and people here are expecting to talk with the producers to time the launch of the game to the film.”

We’ve already heard about HACK/SLASH. Created and written by Tim Seeley, it’s a comic book published by Devil’s Due Productions that has two issues under its belt so far. Kind of a BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER meets FRIDAY THE 13th amalgam, the comic follows the investigations of Cassie Hack, the daughter of an infamous serial killer that now puts an end to the carnage created by other slashers. Cassie’s sidekick is a hulking, masked ex-slasher named Vlad and together the two of them face off against various supernatural menaces and killers.

Last March Variety reported that a HACK/SLASH movie was in fact in development. The rights to the comic were acquired by producer Priue Universe Productions Adrian Askarieh (SPY HUNTER). Also mentioned as producers on the HACK/SLASH project were Chuck Gordon (DIE HARD) and Daniel Alter (2176).

It’s interesting to note that Devil’s Due also publishes a comic based on Sam Raimi’s ARMY OF DARKNESS horror film which features Bruce Campbell’s Ash character, the demon-butt kicking smarmy hero of Raimi’s EVIL DEAD duology. As you may recall, New Line Cinema had been considering adding the character of Ash into a proposed FREDDY VS. JASON sequel, or at least until recent comments from ARMY OF DARKNESS director Sam Raimi seemed to quash the idea. Maybe we’re just reading something into nothing, but could New Line be involved in a HACK/SLASH movie at this stage of development? Or could it be that instead of Sam Raimi’s Ash facing off against Freddy and Jason in their rematch, someone’s got an idea to have Cassie Hack battle these crazed slashers?

If the original scooper is reading these words (or anyone else working for the vid game biz), hit us back with more info. We always want more scoops from the world of gaming.

Source: Cinescape