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Taste the Atmosphere in French-Language Trailer for ‘Livid’!


Bloody Disgusting ready “Fabien” has a little Halloween treat for you as he discovered the French-language trailer for Inside directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s nightmarish Livid (review) is now online and brooding after the break.

‘Livid’s true gift is its creative madness, a film that’s drenched in imagery that will resonate with viewers for decades,” I stated in my review out of TIFF this past July. David Harley was also a huge fan stating that it “demands that its audience watch it through Fulci-tinted glasses as it weaves a fantasy horror tale heavy rooted in nightmare logic and Hammer aesthetics, a style that really hasn’t been replicated to this extent since the Godfather of Gore passed away in the 90’s.

Arriving in theaters next year from Dimension Films, the pic is a horror fairytale set during Halloween night when three youths decide to burglarize an old lady’s desolate house, but what awaits them is no ordinary house… Do NOT expect another Inside and I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Livid Poster



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