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Vin Diesel’s One Race Films Not Paying ‘Riddick’ Crew?

The scuzziest, most despicable entity known to mankind (IMO), TMZ, reports that production was shut down on Riddick, David Twohy’s second sequel to Pitch Black that once again stars Vin Diesel in the title role.

The tabloid “spoke with Michel Trudel — the owner of the Montreal studio where the new movie is being shot — who tells us he changed the locks and kicked everyone off the set Wednesday because the production company, One Race Films, has failed to pay up on time.

But Trudel isn’t the only one griping about a paycheck — sources connected to production tell us several members of the crew have not been paid in over 2 weeks … and are very concerned about getting their money.

Trudel tells us he’s confident the situation will be resolved soon … and he’s more than happy to let production resume … as soon as he gets his money.

This story is a bit weird considering I wasn’t aware of any actually shooting going down. From what I understand the film was in pre-production with actual photography to begin next month. Diesel is the only locked cast member alongside Karl Urban, unless they’re shooting a buddy comedy with only two cast members. It’s also a bit odd that the person complaining about being paid allegedly contacted TMZ directly. This whole story stinks of shenanigans. More soon, I’m sure.



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